Tips on Building a Clientele


If you don’t already have a clientele, it’s important that you build one and there are strategies to building a clientele.

Remember That You Are A Representative Of Your Business At All Times.

This means, you should always be mindful of your grooming, how you are dressed and even what you decide to share on social media. This all can have an impact on the perception people develop about you and whether they will want to give you their business.

Always Keep Your Business Cards On You.

Every encounter with someone opens up an opportunity to generate new business or develop relationships that can lead to new business. Your business card is your footprint. It is a representation of you and your business. This representation can be shared several times over and allows people to contact you to invest in your services or products.

Attend Events

Not just industry events that focus on hair, but professional networking events that allow you to interact with people from a variety of industries. The people you meet have a circle of influence that could connect you to the next big opportunity in your career. Additionally, a lot of my client’s have come from interactions with people outside of the hair industry. Most importantly, working professionals will develop into your most consistent clientele, because they must always remain well groomed and they maintain consistent income.

Invest in Your Current Clientele

In this industry, word of mouth is the primary marketing tool. A positive testimonial from clients about their experience with your business and service is the greatest way to attract new clients. Personal services require a personal touch, and there is nothing like someone who can share a positive personal experience. Reward clients for sharing their experience or referring new business through a referral program that offers them discounts on their next service when they send new clients your way. This is another great way to retain clients as well.

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