Trichologist, Celebrity Hair Stylist and the creator of The Goddess Locs


Earn your credentials and increase your earning potential with Goddess Loc Master Certification Training.


To become a Certified Goddess Loc Master the following requirements must be fulfilled: 


Step 1

Complete the online training course



: Demonstrate mastery of the Goddess Loc Technique and business skills with our multiple choice and short answer test. Upon Completion you are considered a “Qualified Stylist.”



Attend a 2 day workshop and complete a full head of Goddess Locs on a mannequin head.


This class will teach you how to create my patented Goddess Loc technique.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to:

  • - Create the Goddess Loc style using the invisible braiding technique and proper wrapping techniques that prevent the loc from slipping out

  • - Teach clients how to maintain the Goddess Locs so that they can enjoy the style for 3-4 months

  • - Safely remove the extensions without damaging the hair

  • - Identify the best products to use to prepare, install, maintain and remove the style

  • - Install the Goddess Locs as a permanent style



We will provide an updated calendar schedule


- (2) 6-hour classes

- This class includes a mannequin head, goddess loc hair and patented loc/crochet tool.

- Please bring your own rat tail comb, shears, hair clips, water bottle and apron.

- Light refreshments will be provided






What is the difference between a Qualified Stylist and Certified Master?

A ‘Qualified Stylist’ is someone who has only completed the online course. Completing the online training is the first step to becoming certified. A ‘Certified Master’ is someone who has completed the 2-day hands-on workshop and fulfilled all of the requirements of certification. To ensure quality and consistency with the service provided by our Certified Masters, all steps must be completed.

What are the Certification Requirements?

You must complete the online training, attend a 2 day hands-on workshop and complete a full head of Goddess Locs; actively participate in the Goddess Loc Master Platform to receive regular tips, feedback and critiques to maintain the quality of the work; and successfully pass the Goddess Loc Mastery test which includes multiple choice and short answer questions.

How long does it take to become certified?

You can become a Certified Master within 2 months if you are able to complete all of the required steps for certification.

Do I have to be a licensed cosmetologist to become certified?

No, licensing is not required to become certified, but please check the licensing requirements in your state. Some states require a license for natural hair services performed on the public.

How big are the classes?

We accept 50 students per class. Class sizes are kept small so that everyone can get the attention they need to learn the technique.

How long does the style take to install?

It can take up to 12 hours to install a full head of Goddess Locs. This time may vary depending on the length and size of your locs; the density of your hair; the size of your head; and the speed of your stylist.

How much hair do I need to purchase?

The hair kits sold in the Online Store include enough hair to complete a full head of Goddess Locs that are medium in size and mid-back in length. More hair can be purchased a la carte if you are creating smaller or longer locs.

How long does the style last?

The style can last up to 4 months with proper maintenance.

Can I shampoo the style?

Yes! The style can be shampooed. You can learn how to shampoo the style properly by purchasing a training video or by consulting with one of our Qualified Stylists or Goddess Loc Masters.

Will the locs damage my real hair?

No, the locs will not damage your real hair when they are installed, maintained and removed properly. You can learn to do this by purchasing a training video or by receiving service from one of our Qualified Stylists or Goddess Loc Masters.

Can I install the Goddess Locs permanently?

Yes, the Goddess Locs can be installed permanently. Consult with a Qualified Stylist or Goddess Loc Master listed in our directory to make sure it is done properly.

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“As an artist, I wanted a hairstyle that best represented me and knew Goddess Locs would be the perfect fit. I also wanted my Locs to look real, easy to manage and to last! After doing a lot of research, and speaking to others, It was clear that there was no other choice, but Dr. Kari. On the day of treatment, she was extremely kind, professional and attentive to me and my hair. Her quality of work is AMAZING and I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

- Sonhara E.

“When I saw Dr. Kari's creation on Meagan Good it was Love at first sight. I flew from NY to LA to see Dr. Kari and was not disappointed! This style works for me because it's light weight, easy to care for and works well with my lifestyle as a personal trainer. So far, I have had Goddess Locs installed twice and have worn them for about 4 months at a time (with maintenance). I can ‘t wait for install number three in the next few months!”

-Jessica M.