Goddess Faux Locs Overview

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How long does the style last?
The Goddess Faux Locs lasts 3 months with a touch up around the hair line after 4-6 weeks

How much does it cost?
The cost of installation varies with each stylist or salon based on level of expertise and skill. Please check with your hair stylist or local salon to confirm the cost of creating the style.

Can I just keep them in and start my own natural Locs?
Yes, it is possible to start locs from this extension style. The installation of the locs will vary from how they are installed for a temporary look. Consult with your stylist about the options.

Can I still wash my own hair in the style?
It is not recommended to do a traditional shampoo while wearing the style because it can cause the hair to slip out or frizz. We recommend keeping the scalp clean with a dry shampoo or astringent like Witch Hazel or Sea Breeze. If you need a thorough shampoo we recommend having it done professionally so if any locs need to be repaired it can be taken care of right away.

Will I need maintenance?
Maintenance for the style is easy. We recommend a touch up around the hairline after 4-6 weeks of wearing the style. This requires removing the locs around the hairline and having them re-installed. For regular maintenance we recommend misting the AnnCarol Revitaliziing Oil on the scalp and hair 2-3 times a week to prevent dryness of the hair and scalp.

Is the style heavy?
No the style is not heavy.

Will it damage my hair?
If the style is installed and maintained correctly it should not damage the hair. We recommend investing in Dr. Kari’s Goddess Faux Loc training video available at www.drkariwilliams.com to receive instruction on how to properly install the locs.

How long will it take to install?
The installation process varies with the technician but takes 8-12 hours.

Can I just buy the hair kit and try to figure it out myself or will I need the video?
Yes, you can buy the kit without purchasing the video, but we recommend investing in the training to make sure you are preparing and installing the hair correctly.

Is the video just for stylists or can anyone learn how to do this style?
Anyone can learn how to do this style. If you are training to offer the service to the public, check with your state board to make sure there are no licensing requirements.

Could I achieve the style by purchasing hair from my local beauty supply store?
No. We recommend investing in the Goddess Faux Loc Kit exclusively available at His and Her Hair Goods in Los Angeles, CA, which includes the minimum amount of hair required to create the look.

What is it that makes Goddess Faux Locs different from other Faux Locs?
Goddess Faux Locs are created with human hair, are lighter and look more like authentic natural locs. Traditional Faux Locs are created with synthetic hair, are heavier and have a shiny, silkier look.

If I invest in the video will my hair turn out like Meagan Good’s?
Investment in the training video is not a guarantee that when recreated it will look exactly like Meagan Good’s hair. Differences in stylist technique and skill level along with the texture, length and density of your hair will determine the final outcome of the style. The training video is an educational resource.

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