“I absolutely adore Dr.Kari! When I decided to take my first steps towards a new hair direction, Dr.Kari’s Mahogany Revolution Salon was the first and best place for me to start. I learned so my much about my hair, health and scalp in a nurturing and beautiful environment and I also felt armed with great knowledge and so ready to flourish in my journey.”
Kim Coles, Actress

We were honored to have Dr. Kari Williams as one of our guest speakers at our first SheaMoisture educational hair event. The knowledge she shared was invaluable, and she delivered her message in a warm and personable manner. Participants left the event feeling empowered, and informed. Her unique skill set as a Trichologist and natural hair expert are key to this entire natural hair movement. We look forward to working with Dr. Kari again! “Chimole Williams- Community Outreach Director for Shea Moisture

“I have absolutely fallen in love with Dr. Kari Williams.  Her knowledge of haircare and her professionalism when it comes to working with clients and staff in a salon setting, is the most proficient, I’ve seen to date!  I refer a lot of my own clientele to her salon, when I’m out of town or otherwise, because I know that they will get the best care and information about their hair. Dr. Kari contributes in a great way to the Natural Hair Community by servicing, supporting and inspiring!”
Felicia M. Leatherwood- Celebrity Stylist



“Dr. Kari Williams is the ultimate professional when it comes to natural hair.  I have been blessed with the opportunity of being serviced by her for 3 1/2 years thus far.  She started and maintained my locs for 2 1/2 years before I found out that I had to have major brain surgery.  She was very caring and kind enough to come in just for me on one of her off days to cut my locs in the areas where my head had to be shaved (she has before and after pictures).  I was sad but she was very encouraging throughout that tough time.  After the surgery she was able to do a magnificent job of re-attaching my locs once I had enough hair to start those shaved areas again.  No one is even the wiser that my head had ever been shaved, and my locs look great, if I say so myself.

Thanks so much Dr. Kari, for your sweet spirit and HUGE heart.  Not to mention your constant professionalism.

May your business always be blessed as you continually bless others!!”  Tammi McPheeClient

Dr. Kari and Carole, I’ve had said it to you before but I have to say it again. Thank you. I was combing my daughter’s hair last night and it seems like it won’t stop growing and getting thicker. I just can’t believe how much hair she has. I credit both of you for this. Dr. Kari you took the time to educate me one on one, at the hair care seminars and even on the phone before I was a customer. Carole your gentle caring hands twisted her hair so nicely. You ladies recommended the right products and tools to use and showed me how to use them. I don’t know if you recall but my daughter experienced extreme hair loss due to an air born fungus that is normally in the air but her young immune system was not able to fight it off. The doctors were able to get rid of the fungus through 3 months of antibiotics but they had no idea what I was talking about when it came to getting her hair to grow back, nor did they seem to care. I grew extremely frustrated because I couldn’t get any information or help. Finally through a FB friend I found Mahogany Hair Revolution and everything changed, her hair hasn’t been the same since. We live far that’s the only reason we haven’t seen you ladies lately but we will be in soon. I am eternally grateful to both of you for helping my baby. Thank you. Melissa Lambert- Client

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