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Men and Children

Men and children are also susceptible to hair and scalp disorders, but they are too often overlooked and under-serviced by hair care professionals; more often than not men are too embarrassed to aggressively seek help for scalp treatments and hair replacement; parents often think that the child will “grow out of” any scalp problems or that stunted hair growth is just hereditary; in the privacy of her hair clinic office, Dr. Kari specializes in providing personalized consultations and/or services to address the concerns of women, men, and children

In Depth Scientific Consultation- $150

Designed to get a brief history of the client; targets areas that may relate to hair and scalp conditions; can assist in identifying the problem and making the correct recommendations

Trichology Consultations are beneficial if you are experiencing any form of hair loss, thinning, scalp discomfort or excessive breakage. It consists of:

              • Taking a detailed account of your medical history, family history, diet and relevant lifestyle, prescription and non-prescription medication.
              • Thorough examination of the hair and scalp with the use of a Trichoscope for microscopic evaluation where necessary
              • A prognosis, diagnosis and recommendation will be given. Referrals to a medical professional will be offered if necessary.

            Schedule your in-depth consultation by calling the salon at: (323) 939-1620



Hair and Scalp Treatments- $45+  

Uses non-prescription products, topical applications, and/or nutritional supplements; regular treatments on a consistent basis yield the best results.

MicroDermabrasion Treatment for the Scalp

Removes build-up around follicle sites and increases cellular turnover; restores the scalp and adds strength to hair; a perfect treatment for the scalp after long-term styles like weaves, braids, twists, and cornrows

Soothing Scalp Treatment

Perfect to soothe itchy, flaky scalps; gently softens and removes scales from the scalp due to common scalp conditions like: sebhorreic dermatitis, scalp eczema, scalp psoriasis, and dandruff.

Reconstructive Treatment $40

This conditioning treatment helps to replenish dry, damaged and brittle hair with the use of conditioners that are enriched with proteins and moisturizers. This treatment helps to stop breakage caused by heat damage and chemical processes, infusing moisture into the hair strands and restoring the hair’s elasticity.

Hair Mineral Analysis- $250

Purchase your lab tests now!!

Once you have checked out, please remember to download your instructions and forms for submitting the sample and mail your PayPal receipt and forms to:

Dr. Kari Williams

5450 W. Pico Blvd. Suite 203

Los Angeles, CA 90019

Why Test For Minerals?

Trace minerals are essential in countless metabolic functions in all phases of the life process.

Zinc is involved in the production, storage, and secretion of insulin and is necessary for growth hormones.

Magnesium is required for normal muscular function, especially the heart.  A deficiency has been associated with an increased incidence of heart attacks, anxiety and nervousness.

Potassium is critical for normal nutrient transport into the cell.  A deficiency can result in muscular weakness, depression and lethargy.

Excess sodium is associated with hypertension, but adequate amounts are required for normal health.

What Can Cause a Mineral Imbalance?

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Medications
  • Pollution
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Inherited Patterns

What Is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), is an analytical test which measures the mineral content of the hair.  The sampled hair, obtained by cutting the first inch and one half of growth closest to the scalp at the nape of the neck, is prepared in a licensed clinical laboratory through a series of chemical and high temperature digestive procedures.  Testing is then performed using highly sophisticated detection equipment and methods to achieve the most accurate and precise results.

Why Use The Hair?

Hair is ideal tissue for sampling and testing. First, it can be cut easily and painlessly and can be sent to the lab without special handling requirements.  Second, clinical results have shown that a properly obtained sample can give an indication of mineral status and toxic metal accumulation following long term or acute exposure.

A HTMA reveals a unique metabolic world; intracellular activity, which cannot be seen through most other tests.  This provides a blueprint of the biochemistry occurring during the period of hair growth and development.



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