Braid & Twist Workshop

Dr. Kari is dedicated to the preservation of hair. She believes that education is the first step to achieving and maintaining healthy hair. A lack of hair knowledge about how to properly style and care for hair results in the loss of hair strands. With the knowledge and understanding of the needs and fears of women and men regarding their hair, these seminars are created to provided solutions for individuals interested in hair maintenance and to equip licensed stylists with information and techniques needed to assist clients in achieving their hair goals.

May 25 – “All About Twists” Continuing Education Hands On Workshop

This is a comprehensive hands on workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about TWISTS. From Senegalese, to Havana, to Marley, to Silky— You’ll get it ALL!

You will learn how to preserve your client’s hair line using the invisible twisting technique along with Dr. Kari’s braiding technique that secures the twist to the scalp without creating tension or stress on the hair.

You will become familiar with 5 types of hair that can be used to create different types of twists. Most importantly, Dr. Kari will share with you her top marketing and branding tips to help you build and sustain a successful business. Don’t miss out. REGISTER TODAY! Space is limited.





Instructor: Dr. Kari Williams

Time: 1 Day Workshop from 9am-2pm

Seminar Cost: $300

Questions? Call us: 310.286.9909


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