Add to CartTrichologist and Natural Hair Care Specialist, Dr. Kari Williams has written an informative guide to help you understand the process of transitioning back to your natural curl. The Journey Back: How to transition Back to Your Natural Curl is a quick, detailed read that will give you all of the information you need to feel confident in your transition to natural hair. This book not only covers the transitioning process, but also provides styling options and key product information to help you protect your newly natural hair.
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“Mahogany Mini-Tresses is a guide for parents that will change the way you think about your child’s hair. You will learn how to work with your child’s specific hair texture; how to avoid styles and tools that can increase stress and tension on their hair; and the ingredients you should look for in hair care products.This book provides useful hair care regimens with ways to further promote self esteem in children. We can have an infinitely positive impact on how our future teens and pre-teens care for their hair as adults by instilling healthy hair care practices now.”

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