Dr. Kari Williams Talks Right And Wrong Way To Rock Braids And Faux Locks For Spring

April 8, 2015 ‐ By

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I recently had the chance to talk to Dr. Kari Williams about all things hair. And to be clear, Dr. Williams is not just any ol’ random delivering advice on your hair needs. She’s a licensed barber, a natural hair care specialist, a Board Certified Trichologist, the CEO and founder of Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon and Trichology Clinic, and serves as President of the Board for the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. And did I mention that she does the hair of Brandy, Jill Scott and Willow Smith? She’s no joke.

And that’s why she’s giving a major presentation for Kinky Hair Unlocked, a hair care symposium taking place in Atlanta on April 24. The event will educate women on how to tend to their hair needs in order to achieve healthy hair. I talked to Dr. Kari about what folks in Atlanta can expect from her presentation, and obtained some major insight on all the hair issues we’ve all been dealing with.

I’ll be posting more of her advice as the week(s) go on, but for now, here’s what she had to say about why we shouldn’t run from sulfates and silicones, and the right and wrong way to rock braids and faux locs.

What Myths She Hopes To Dispel At Kinky Hair Unlocked

It’s bringing together the top tier experts and influencers in our industry. What makes us different is that we have background knowledge. Anytime I’ve done events in the past with other bloggers, I always tell the attendees, it’s great that a community has been built around haircare, specifically the natural hair care industry where women can tap into one another and get tips, suggestions. But what has happened with the influx of a lot of bloggers and people trying to experiment and do a lot of things is that it’s created a lot of myths and misunderstandings. What’s going to make this event different is that we’re bringing together these experts, myself being one of them, to really give consumers real knowledge. My hope, and my presentation, is to dispel a lot of myths. My presentation is pecifically going to be about the science behind hair care, but most importantly, what’s in your products. And really, we’re going to look at the ingredients in your products and try to understand what those ingredients really mean and how it can benefit you and your hair type to ultimately create a foundation to help your hair grow healthy. I want to generate a conversation, especially when it comes to the topic of silicones and sulfates. I know that when a lot of people begin to pay more attention to the labels and what’s actually in products, suddenly sulfates and silicones became the bad guy for hair. A lot of people were attributing scalp discomfort and hair breakage to these particular ingredients without fully understanding how they’re formulated in their products, and the benefits they can receive when these particular ingredients are used in moderation and formulated correctly.

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